Some of my Okinawan photos still have very special meaning to me. Some have stories that make them even more significant. Over the last 53 years I’ve been inspired each time I look at them, as I recall what calm, gentle, friendly people they were.
   I learned so much from them. I believe a significant reason for my feelings of closeness to most of these people began in the darkroom during the printing
process. The negative is placed in the enlarger, you focus, looking to get a nice crisp image, and always you are looking in their eyes. Then, in the developing process you watch the image gradually appear, always looking at their eyes. I always felt as though I was looking into their souls. What I saw was gentle, easy, honest innocence.
Note: If you recognize yourself or a family member in any of the photos, I will send you a free 4 x 6 print of the image. Contact Dick Bruce.